The intelligence built into our solutions is anything but artificial. ConnX’s AI solutions? Advanced Intelligence. By applying business logic and algorithms to every aspect of connectivity, voice and video communications, messaging, network management, security and more, we not only simplify – we fortify.

Secure Connectivity

Virtual Workforce

Gone are the days of a central office. Your workforce now works from home, or is distributed across different cities, states, the nation or even the globe.

ConnX Virtual Workforce protects your remote workers, allowing safe interaction, with the same stringent standards you set for your main network.


With the inverted network perimeter economy, the pandemic has challenged companies to provide remote branch locations with secure, reliable connectivity and communications.

ConnX’s AI-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services are proven to power your company’s growth in the face of adversity.

Cloud IX (Cloud Interconnect)

As enterprise moves to the cloud, they are finding that there is no one end-to-end solution. Using disparate clouds, virtual applications, and standards all create enormous complexity.

Simplifying complexity is what ConnX Cloud IX is all about: A single point of orchestration that maximizes the efficiencies of the cloud, backed by expertise in designing, deploying and maintaining these complex systems.

Embedded Communication

ConnX MS Teams Direct Routing

ConnX is your cloud communications partner for the modern global workplace, where collaboration is key, and a secure, reliable platform that supports lightning-fast provisioning is a matter of survival.

Move your organization to a secure and reliable cloud communications platform with ConnX Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, the fully-managed global solution for cloud voice and premium remote meetings.


Workflow and Supply Chain Integration

The retail landscape, and the service industry have undergone a sea-change with the global pandemic, and there is no going back.

With ConnX Workflow and Supply Chain Integration, enterprises quickly realize efficiencies in integrating UC solutions into their workflows, while tapping into applications that provide the right context and solutions, all served by AI-powered, natural language automation.

Service Assurance

AI Analytics and AI Predict

Just pushing things to market and seeing what works doesn’t keep pace with current market needs. To give your customers what they want, you must first understand them. Predictive Customer Experience mines the data enterprises collect and provides the trend analysis and predictions they need to succeed.

ConnX AI Predict and ConnX AI Analytics provide your enterprise with the deep data analytics and the predictive insights you need to make fast, powerful, data-driven decisions.

AI Assure

Increasingly complex networks require increasing investment into monitoring and managing those networks, which can generate millions of alarms a day. Enterprises need the ability to quickly understand what alerts and alarms are critical and how to resolve them.

ConnX AI Assure packages decades of expertise into a monitoring, management and analytics engine, and adds the power of artificial intelligence to sort through millions of datapoints, and to bring the right solution to the forefront, quickly.



AI Security

AI Secure

Enterprises transforming their telecommunications systems must manage the increasing threats to their UC networks, which have requirements that are specific to voice, video, and collaboration.

ConnX AI Secure provides a central point for management, detection, mitigation and prevention of malicious VoIP attacks and threats.

Dynamic Threat Intelligence

As threats to enterprise networks grow, the ability to safeguard digital assets, to act with confidence to detect cyber threats to mitigate business impact, and to drive efficiency into cybersecurity operations becomes increasingly vital.

ConnX Dynamic Threat Intelligence delivers network resiliency with cybersecurity consulting services, endpoint security, network security, and threat detection and response.

Remote Browser Isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the work environment, powering the dramatic rise in remote working. Together with the explosion of cyberattacks on enterprise networks, data and applications, and the expansion of multi-cloud computing, internet browsing has drastically increased every organization’s exposure.

With security no longer built around physical locations, ConnX Remote Browser Isolation seamlessly protects users working from anywhere, on any device, over any network, from  web and SaaS application content-borne threats.